Please be aware of which cabana you are scheduled in.  Our Lahaina Cabanas are the two cabanas located on the ocean side of the walkway nearest the Hyatt property.  Our Napili Cabanas are on the mountain side of the walkway close to Starbucks.  We recommend that you walk by sometime before your appointment and take a look. 

Please arrive about 5 minutes prior to your appointment.  Swimsuits are recommended outside. 

Maui experiences a variety of weather conditions.  If it is uncomfortable outside because of heat, cold, wind, or rain, we may be able to move you to an inside room.

You are welcome to use the spas steam, sauna and showers before or after your treatment.

  • Malie`s Song / Hawaiian Lullaby4:13
  • Ka Maui3:03
  • Eo Mai4:37
  • White Sandy Beach of Hawai'i2:37


When you arrive you will be shown to the locker area.  We will demonstrate how to use the locker, provide you with a robe, and a pair of slippers to change into.

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to your treatment to allow for enough time to change into your robe and to use the dry sauna or steam room.

All treatments will start and end at scheduled time.

You are welcome to stay as long as you like. Take a steam bath or relax in the dry sauna, linger to your heart's desire.

When booking your appointments, please inform us of any allergies, medical conditions that may affect your treatment or pregnancy.